We offer two master's degrees in Computer Science – a one-year professional Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) and a two-year Master of Science (M.S.) – professional masters degrees in Information Science and Statistics, and Ph.D. programs in Computer Science, Information Science and Statistics. Computer Science and Information Science also offer one-year Master's degrees at Cornell Tech with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.


Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) in Computer Science  |  Ithaca & NYC

The Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) program in Computer Science is a two-semester professional degree program designed to enhance practical skills. Coursework involves approximately six courses and a project, which is completed in collaboration with a faculty member and, sometimes, an industry partner.

A demonstration at the BOOM event. BOOM engages researches across the University.

Master of Science (M.S.) in Computer Science  |  Ithaca

The M.S. in Computer Science is a highly selective four-semester program for students who wish to deepen their knowledge of computer science through advanced coursework, research, writing and teaching. Students in the program serve as teaching assistants and receive full tuition plus a stipend.

Master of Professional Studies (M.P.S.) in Information Science  | Ithaca

The M.P.S. program in Information Science is intended for students who want to pursue advanced study of information science, in preparation for a variety of careers. The multidisciplinary aspect of the curriculum allows students to explore any number of other career paths. Potential careers include the management and design of information systems, the definition and implementation of information policy, the design and application of information oriented applications, and the dissemination of innovative information media.

Master of Professional Studies (M.P.S.) in Applied Statistics  |  Ithaca

The Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Applied Statistics is for those who are interested in professional careers in business, industry, government or scientific research. Our MPS program provides rigorous training in modern data analytical skills that are sought after in almost any field. Currently, Cornell is the only Ivy League University that provides such a program. This program is recognized as a Professional Science Master's (PSM) program, approved by the Council of Graduate Schools.


Ph.D. programs at Cornell University are organized using a field structure composed of faculty members from a number of departments who come together around shared intellectual interest. Graduate students are admitted to fields of study. Within each field, they select major and minor subjects, which are research interests or concentrations.

Computer Science Ph.D. Program  |  Ithaca & NYC

The Ph.D. program in Computer Science is consistently ranked among the five departments in the country, with world-class research covering all of computer science. Our computer science program is distinguished by the excellence of the faculty, by a long tradition of pioneering research, and by the breadth of its Ph.D. program. The department has been growing steadily since its founding in 1965, and currently has about 110 Ph.D students and 24 Field members. The Field of Computer Science also includes faculty members from other departments (Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Computational Biology, and Architecture) who can supervise a student's Ph.D. thesis research in computer science.

Information Science Ph.D. Program  |  Ithaca & NYC

The focus of the Information Science Ph.D. program is on technological systems and their use - the ways that people use technology and how that use affects us. The field's interdisciplinary research combines multiple methodologies, including mathematical analysis, computer modeling, software system design, experimental studies, and critical social evaluations, from such traditional disciplines as computer science, cognitive psychology, social science, cultural studies, and history.

Statistical Science Ph.D. Program  |  Ithaca

The Ph.D. program in Statistics is intended to prepare students for a career in research and teaching at the University level or in equivalent positions in industry or government. Students graduate this program with a broad set of skills, from the ability to interact collaboratively with researchers in applied fields, through the formulation and computational implementation of novel statistical models and methods to demonstrating mathematically that these methods have desirable statistical properties. Cornell's PhD alumni have gone on to high profile positions in all of academia, industry and government.

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